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Smile Makeover

Smile makeover includes several interdisciplinary procedures that can significantly improve the face simmetry, the simmetry of the teeth, as well as the aesthetics of the teeth, gingiva, lips and the rest of the face.

Tooth whitening

This is the most common procedure in our dental office because of its low cost and immediately visible result.

Within an hour and a half we can make one's appearance look much fresher because light teeth make the face look younger.

Over the years teeth get darker because pigmentation accumulates on the tooth surface, which is not as smooth as it used to be in the youth. There are also people who genetically have grey, yellow or even light brown teeth. Over time, these colours may become more intense.

Whitening is usually done by hydrogen peroxide gel and lighting by a Zoom lamp. It has been clinically proven that whitening with the lamp can make teeth 8 to 10 shades lighter.

After the whitening it is recomandable to avoid coloured drinks and foods for the next two to three days as teeth are more sensitive to coloration.

The effect of the whitening might last up to 2-3years. If the patient smokes, it lasts less.

Ceramic veeners

Veeneers can remarkably improve the look of teeth with different discolorations, those with gaps between them, those with structural imperfections in enamel and those with broken edges.

The advantage of veneers is that no invasive preparation (drilling) is required. Only 0.5 - 1 mm of tooth surface has to be removed and no need for remodeling the tooth surface under the gingiva as in the case of the preparation for a total metal-ceramic crown.

Veneers can really make your smile look much better because there is nothing like semi-transparent ceramic that can so perfectly mimic the natural enamel color and gloss.

As there is a wide range of ceramic colors front veeners can lighten your smile and make your face look fresh.

Veneers are individually made in a dental lab and the entire procedure requires only two visits to dental office.

Non-metal (e.max) crowns

Such crowns are used for front teeth when there is no possibillity to improve the look of the tooth with veneers.

As they are made without metal as a base for the layers of ceramic, thus imroved teeth have a light, semi-transparent look and can be perfectly adjusted to the color of the rest of the teeth.

Such a crown, if made to proffesional standards, is extremely difficult to distinguish from a natural tooth.

Zirconium ceramic crowns

Zirconium dioxide as a base for a crown is highly biocompatible and can satisfy the highest aesthetic standards. Besides, such crowns can also be mounted on lateral teeth because zirconium is very resistant to breakage and has a high level of hardness.


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