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Root Canal Treatment

This dental procedure has to be applied when the dental pulp and root canal are infected.

The symptoms showing that there is a need for a root canal treatment:

  1. There is a pain of a specific tooth while bitting, that remains even after the bite
  2. The pain increases while layed down and can be pulsating
  3. The area around the tooth can be swollen
  4. The tooth is sensitive to warm, cold and sweet

How is the root canal treatment performed:

  1. After administering local anesthesia the tooth is opened, the caries all infected tissue are removed
  2. The canals are widened, cleaned and well rinsed as to remove the infected parts
  3. Finally, everything is disinfected, dried and filled with biocompatible filling.

The treatment is done either in one or in several visits, due to clinical finding.

Our dental office performs both manual and machine endodontic treatment.


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