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Dental Prosthetics

This is a part of dentistry dealing with the functional and aesthetic replacement of missing teeth.

A dental crown or cap is a restoration of a tooth made when its natural crown is significally damaged.

If the inner part of the tooth is also damaged, it can be reconstructed either by a laboratory-made metal post or in-office, by a fiberglass post and core build-up as the base for a crown.

A bridge is a lab-made construction, applied when one or more teeth are missing.

Missing teeth can cause bite changes, temporomandibular irregularities, loose teeth and lead to periodontal changes.

Crowns and bridges can be made of ceramic on metal (cobalt/cromium) or, in the aesthetic zone, either of pressed ceramic (e.max) or of ceramic on zirconium (which is more biocompatible then metal).

We cooperate with Dentalteh Laboratory, which is using a latest-generation scanner to design the metal construction. When printed, these constructions ensure high-precision fitting.

Partial denture is made for patients who are missing several teeth and a fixed solution is not possible. It is connected to the existing teeth with a special attachment that is invisible in the denture.

Partial denture can be made either of elastic material (such as Valplast) or have a metal base (such as Wironit).

A total denture is made for patients with toothless jaws, where implants cannot be applied for medical reasons.


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